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Montreal 8C

Dismantled Montreal 8C Pump
Dismantled Montreal 8C Pump

Montreal pump base
Montreal Pump Base (click to enlarge)
When shipping your pump, remove the base from
the pump then wrap and pack it in the same box.
  Montreal 8C pump ready for testing
Montreal 8C pump ready for the test bench.
Rob Thompson's 8C Engine
Complete Montreal Engine, photo by Rob Thompson
Send all 8 pipes if in need of restoration. See price list.
  5 Montreal 8C Pumps near Completion
Montreal 8C near completion.
We had some special parts machined for a project, and could only get them done in bulk. We hope you'll find these useful: call us to get them included in our work with you.
Montreal crank nuts: click for full size image

These replacement crank nuts eliminate the need for a special spanner tool that would exceed the cost of the nuts alone. 2.0 in. or 50 mm Hex nuts, nickel plated.

  Flywheel fasteners: click for full size

Special CNC machined, high strength 9 mm x 1.0 flywheel fasteners. These are not available from other sources. Nickel plated.

Click here for pricing

Montreal SPICA pipe clamps: click for full size image

Spica pipe clamps: often missing or lost.

  Pistons and sleeve set: click for full size

Premium forged CP-Carrillo 10.5/1 compression, low dome. Includes: (8) Pistons with retaining clips, pins and ring sets. (8) premium Darton Sleeves. Increases displacement to 2720 cc, improves horsepower and torque. Increases gas mileage with reduced oil consumption. Sleeves machined, pistons and rings fit to sleeves, ready to install.

Montreal 8C Pump
Montreal 8C Pump
  Montreal 8C front
Montreal 8C. Photos courtesy Delmas Greene
Robert Thompson's Montreal 8C Engine
Montreal 8C Engine, top view. Photo courtesy Rob Thompson, UK
  Montreal 8C rear

Note the fuel pipes which are all the same length, requiring coils on the front cylinders.

The pipes are actually 3 layers of tubing with an internal dimension of only 1.5 mm.

There are no known replacements for the pipes. The pipe clamps and brackets are necessary to protect the pipes from vibration.

The front four high pressure pump outlets feed the left side of the engine; the last four feed the right side.

The 8 throttle plates must be synchronized and completely closed with the engine fully warmed up. Idle air is provided from the idle/air mixer with small vacuum hoses that connect to the throttle bodies downstream of the throttle plates.

Setting the fuel adjusting solenoid (FAS) must be done at 2800 rpm, never at idle. See our “Billet Nut and Wrench” that allows setting the FAS with the air box installed.

Injection pump timing is confusing to most owners since there are two “top dead center” events in all 4 cycle engines. The pump and distributors rotate at half speed. Ask about our new “Red Dot Pulley” for simplified pump timing. We have found many Montreals with the injection pump timing off by 180 degrees which results in a reduction of power and torque, fuel mileage and increased emissions.

Some pumps require one to two weeks to setup and calibrate, even longer with the very stubborn ones. Because 8C pump spares and the unique parts are very rare, we have to remove the plated parts and ship them for re-plating, unlike the 4C pumps where we have hundreds of spares. Quality plating is a moving target in that we are always searching for better service. It's expensive and they do not like doing small volume plating especially for automotive.

Things you need to know when ordering your pump rebuild:

  • The first step is to to discuss the work to be done: that gets you in the queue.
  • We usually have a backlog of pump orders, so it is best to get your order started and in the queue before you ship the pump to us. Once your order is in the queue no one gets in front of your order, and we will restore your pump as soon as we can. Shipping Instructions: click here.
  • Be sure to include your contact info (name, address, phone, email) in the box with your pump. We look forward to working with you!
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