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Kugelfischer Rebuild & Restoration Services

Note: Bosch bought Kugelfischer

Kugelfischer (call)
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Kugelfischer Pump, fresh from a customer
Kugelfischer 308 Pump
BMW M1 Pump, Bosch Fuel Injection
BMW M12 Race Pump, For Factory 2.0 Motors
These pictures show the sludge that builds up inside BMW Kugelfischer tii pumps.
Sludge inside a BMW tii pump    

All the internal parts have to be removed,washed and cleaned then re-assembled.
Kugelfischer Injectors
Injectors on the right have the rust we typically see before cleaning.
Kugelfischer Injectors with typical rust
We also test every pump on our custom bench, as this YouTube video from customer Paul Winterton nicely shows.